How to score 95% marks in MSBTE exam in 2023?

We would like to give you some advice in this article that will help you to score 95% marks in the MSBTE exam in 2023. These recommendations will lessen exam anxiety and improve your chances of earning higher grades.

Like it or not grades are the measure of success in college. Like the salary at a job, the batting average in cricket, or the price of a stock, your grade-point average indicates how you’re doing in college. Several factors factor into getting good grades in college and not to mention the plethora of distractions that there are on college campuses. Yet, the hardest part about it is not just getting good grades but maintaining them over the years. Often we see students fall into the study burnout trap. That is, they work very hard in the first year or so but over time their grades start falling and they are no longer performing at the same level as they were in the initial few months. The main reason is that the students are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained as they advance in college.

Every student has common questions on their minds as the 2023 MSBTE exams get near. What are the tricks and tactics to get over 95%? How do we accomplish this? 

But is a score greater than 95% feasible for everyone?

The response is that not everyone can; it’s true. But everyone hopes to achieve an MSBTE exam score of 95 or higher. To achieve this high score, you must put in a lot of effort, work hard, and focus entirely on your studies. If you study all year, you can pass your examinations with a score of 95% or higher. However, you must be very concentrated if you want to score 95% marks in the MSBTE exam in 2023. Instead of following a rigid schedule, you should practice good time management.

To assist you in effectively and methodically preparing for the MSBTE exams in 2023, we want to provide a few ideas and tactics from seasoned MSBTE teachers and board test winners in this article. These recommendations will unquestionably lessen your exam anxiety and improve your chances of achieving more than 95% marks in the MSBTE exam.

Ways To Score More Than 95% Marks In MSBTE Exam in 2023.

1. Solve previous years' question papers

More often than not, universities repeat the questions asked in previous years and follow a certain pattern. Thoroughly go through these question papers to save yourself the effort to study the topics which are not going to be questioned in the exam. You may also answer these question papers as mock papers and manage your time to write a full paper, which is quite important to secure good marks. By completing the previous year’s question paper, you become aware of your precise level of preparation, allowing you to focus on your areas of weakness.

2. Follow Your Course Outline

When the MSBTE exams are right around the corner, it’s necessary to become reserved and concentrate just on your Nirali, Techmax reference books because board exam questions are taken from Nirali, Techmax reference books. It’s great to prepare from diverse reference materials.

3. Prepare Notes

Notes preparation is one of the most important steps towards achieving more than 95% in MSBTE exams. During revision time at the final juncture of examination, only notes are helpful. They let you gain the discreet points of any topic in the end time.

4. Regular Revision

Revise your notes regularly. It helps to strengthen your memory more effectively. If you neglect daily revision, then one day, you will end up forgetting things easily. Revising daily your syllabus not only sharpens your learning ability but also lets you see more such points in a clear way that you haven’t cleared on previously.

5. Presentation

Believe it or not, the presentation of your answer greatly affects your marks. You might have written an answer worth getting 8 marks, but if you present it poorly such as not dividing it into paragraphs and in bad handwriting, it might not even fetch you 4 marks. Make sure your answer is written in points and paragraphs and written with a pen that enhances your handwriting. You can also draw margins and pens of different colors to make things extremely clear and more readable.

6. Work on your weak points

After completing multiple practice questions and assessments, you would be aware of your shortcomings and mistakes. Make it your goal to turn your weaknesses into strengths so that you are fully prepared for your board examinations. Start correcting those mistakes; dig in deeply. With the assistance of your persistent work, you will be able to obtain your desired board test result.

7. During Exam Season

Take your time as you write your responses. Examine the question paper in detail first, then decide which questions you will attempt first. When there is a time constraint, try to start with the long answer questions since you cannot rush through them. One or two markers can be completed in less time. Because time equals marks, don’t spend more time than necessary on a particular question’s response. Every single second matters, so make sure you have everything you need, including twice as much stationery.

Stay in the exam room after finishing your paper. You have worked hard for these hours all year, so don’t waste them. Cross-check your responses to find any clumsy mistakes you made and correct them. Make any necessary revisions, underline key concepts, draw neat diagrams, and general.

Hence, in this article, we have discussed some tips that will help you make the most of your college life while at the same time ensuring that you can score good marks in exams. Getting more than 95% marks in MSBTE exam is a challenge, but these tips can help you achieve this goal with a lot of ease. Proper planning and strategies are always the best solutions during examinations.

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