How to score 95% marks in offline exam

“Finding it difficult to study everything within a 15 days? If so, you’ve landed at the right place. Here are exam preparation tips that’ll not only help you score 95% marks in offline exam but will also help in better exam preparation.”

When exams are near, students feel stress and pressure. When you have a lot on your plate but with a restricted period of time, then its obvious, feeling stress. Examinations at any stage in a student’s life hold the potential to fasten their breath, slow down time, and quicken their heartbeat.

Well studying for just 15-20 days and getting 90%+ is a tough job. It depends on your capacity and also your technique of studying. So here are some tips that I used last year (30 days before my exams) and I got 96.8% in my exams.

Manage your time smartly

When too little time is left, the first thing you must focus on is- time management. Ensure you give the required amount of time to each subject based on your proficiency and the vastness of the syllabus.

One way to plan your study could be to start preparing for exams in the reverse order, that is, prepare first for the last exam such that you start preparing for the first exam about 1 week before the date.

Create a timetable

At least 2 months prior to the exams, make study timetable. Giving enough time to understand new concepts and revision is important. You can take small breaks after particular time period. This will improve your productivity. Increase your study hour.

Make notes and Revise

While studying do not forget to take notes and highlight important points. Taken notes will help you to revise your subjects in an easy way. You can revise subjects instantly by accessing your previously made notes. It will save your precious time and help you to have a quick glance over your pointers in no time.

Revision is must before exam. One quick revision that can tell you how much you have learned is trying to explain the concepts of a topic to someone who doesn’t know it yet. It could be your sibling, parent, grandparent, friend or for that matter anyone who is ready to listen to you patiently. The moment you face trouble trying to explain a certain concept in common man’s terms, you will understand that you probably need more practice.

Start with high-weight age chapters and important topics

Your teachers must have guided you on an important chapter and how many marks they carry. Revise as per the important chapters and topics, to get 100% confidence. Mostly last three chapters are high-weight age chapters.

Solve Past year's question papers

SOLVE SAMPLE PAPERS AND PREVIOUS YEAR’S QUESTION PAPERS. This is one of pro tip to score 95% marks in offline exam. This is the main reason behind my 96.8 %. Sample papers will cover all the important topics and important questions. You can even score an easy 75–80 % by just learning through sample papers without touching the book. Try to solve at least 5 previous year’s question papers to get an idea of the exam pattern and important questions. Solving previous year’s question paper will boost your confidence.

Practice writting

From past two years we are habitual of online exams. But now offline exams came back. Therefore last two years, most of you have lost track of writing, your handwriting is no more legible. While writing the answers, it’s important that your answer can be read. You also need to understand that you have only 2 hours to finish your paper; if you practice writing, then you will be able to write real fast and submit the answer sheets within that timeframe.

Do exercise, yoga and meditation

Meditation will relax your mind and sharpen your memory. Daily exercises promote a healthier and stronger brain. As a form of meditation, Yoga also keeps the nervous system healthy. Doing Yoga while taking a break from your hours-long studying enhances brain function and reduces the risk of anxiety, stress, and depression. Sleep well to boost your memory. During exams make sure you eat healthy diet and avoid junk food.

Give rewards

So, when exams are just around the corner. Have too much to read but stress and pressure are taking a toll? The best thing to do to keep your motivation high in such situations is to reward yourself after completing parts of your tasks.

These are the top 8 tips – that will help you to score 95% marks in offline exam. The last but not the least important one is to have fun. There is still enough time to improve your performance and score better marks.

Study your syllabus, prepare well and give your papers in a cool state of mind. Examinations are just to test your understanding of subject and not to scare you.

So, keep aside the stress, Believe in yourself and get down to work!

All the best!

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