Online Exams – How to study for online exams?

University has declared that exams will be conducted online. Now the question arises, how to study for exams? Which resources to use? Often online exams are quite easy to compare with offline exams. For online exams, there is a vast syllabus. Time management is an important issue during exams and It is applicable for both online and offline exams.
There are some important tips and tricks to consider in between online exams. But before that let’s talk about ” how to prepare for online exams “.

Important tips for online exams

  1. Weightage of the lessons
  2. Emphasize understanding
  3. Make key points
  4. Revision
1. Weightage of the lessons:- Yes, you heard right. Whenever you have less time and a vast syllabus Then this trick will help you in preparation. Just look for which lesson has more weightage. Mostly 4th, 5th, and 6th lesson has more weightage, in the diploma and engineering syllabus. Because more weightage means more questions will ask in exams on that lessons. Hence do not skip any topic from most weightage lessons.
2. Emphasize understanding:- Online exams mean a vast syllabus. During online exams rarely do questions repeat. Even when students give exams at the same time, they have different questions. Do not mug concepts. Just understand what you read. Think logically, most concepts are related to each other.
3. Make key points:- While you study, highlight important points. Make notes. While making notes draw diagrams and mind maps. 
4. Revision:- Most important point is revision. Most of the time, students study but do not revise. Therefore they do not remember what they have learned during exams. So revision is one of the important things.

These four were the most important points to be remembered and follow before exams. Do follow them and you will get the benefit. All the best for your exams. See you soon on the next topic.

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