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Problem Statement:

The main aim of the Training and Placement application is to reduce the communication gap between Placement Officer and Placement Interested students. Placement Officer can easily collect the student’s details and approve the details provided by them. Instead of shortlisting manually, the eligible student’s list can be retrieved automatically using app filters.


Training and Placement Application is a total management and informative system, which provides up-to-date information about all the students in a particular college. Training and Placement Application overcome the difficulty in keeping records of hundreds and thousands of students and searching for student eligibility based on recruitment criteria. It eases the best coordination between Placement Cell Officer and Students. Maintaining Student records, Updating Curriculum details, and retrieving eligibility students list based on the company’s criteria.

Students can get updates effortlessly and independently. Also, the users can access the application online easily at any time. This application reduces the manual work and tedious access to web portals. Since the majority of users use android based phones, the Training and Placement application is developed in android technology. This application is very user-friendly, secure, and easy to access by all authorized members.

What you will get with project:

5 Simple Steps

To Get Your Project…

Select project topic

At Tour2Tech, we believe in the power of hands-on learning through projects. That's why we suggest a variety of project topics for students to choose from, to apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.


we understand the importance of personalized learning and the value of one-on-one guidance for students working on projects. That's why we offer 1:1 live project discussion sessions for students to get real-time feedback, ask questions, and receive expert advice from our instructors.

Project Development starts.

We offer a comprehensive project development and progress tracking system, which includes personalized project planning, access to resources and tools, 1:1 live project discussion sessions with instructors, and a final project presentation and evaluation.

Live project demo & Teaching

We offer live project teaching and demo sessions for students to learn by doing. Our expert instructors will guide you through the entire process of project development, from idea generation to execution and completion. Our live project teaching and demo sessions are delivered in real-time and are interactive, which will enhance the learning experience.

getting project & certification

Our completion certification program is designed to acknowledge the skills and knowledge that students have acquired through their project work. By earning a completion certification, students will have tangible proof of their abilities and can use it to demonstrate their capabilities to potential employers or academic institutions.

The movement of truth!

Got the project at an affordable price. The project was delivered on time. End service was superb!
Mihir Chavan
Helped alot in project making & documentation. Also shared personal experience which helped me to win my college project competition.
Pooja Lande
Tour2Tech team is super awesome. They listen to our queries and solve them nicely. Highly recommended.
Anushka Kumbhar
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